Monticello Day Pass and House Tour
Monticello Day Pass and House Tour
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House Tours are guided tours of the first floor and are offered most days of the year.
Alternately, Walk-Through Tours with guides stationed in each room will be available on the following dates in 2017:

Jul 1 & 2
Sep 9
11th Annual Heritage Harvest Festival
Oct 7 & 8
Nov 26 Holiday Open House

On these select dates, Upper Floor Tours will be offered.
Select Date/Time for:  House Tour
$25 Online Price Only Mar 1 - Oct 31
$20 Online Price Only Nov 1 - Dec 31

Youth 12-18
$16 Online Price. Valid on visit dates between May 27 and Sep 4.

Child 5 -11
Child Under 5
FREE.  Pass required.